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Large group of plants used in medicine or veterinary practice for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes named Medicinal Plants. Literary sources attest to the use of medicinal plants in ancient Assyria, Egypt, India, and China circa 3000 B.C.; in Iran, Greece, and Rome in the early years of the Common Era and in Arab countries, Middle Asia, Georgia, Armenia, and Europe during the Middle Ages. Today, developing countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania use traditional medicine for essential needs in healthcare and Information technology can help to improve this area and networking in the region.

In order to extend cooperation among Indian Ocean Rim member states and other developing countries in response to medicinal plants, herbal medicines and herbal products, the IORA Regional Center for Science and Technology Transfer (RCSTT) has initiated to establish the IORA medicinal plants network (IORMPNET).

IORAMPNET would introduce medicinal plants and any herbal products among the members that have an interactive, electronic medicinal plants databank. Currently the network contains 34 topics which cover variable indexes in this area.


The main objectives of IORAMPNET would be considered as follows:

  • To provide up-to-date global information about the medicinal plants in each area
  • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • To provide reliable and up-to-date information about herbs based on modern science and traditional wisdom
  • To facilitate communication between R&D companies and institutes, enabling them transfer technology and products commercialization
  • To pave the way for possible cooperation in applied research, commercialization and application
  • To provide support for projects with industrial applications in the region and the world


  • Holding independent annual exhibitions in herbal medicines
  • Holding second expert meeting for developing policy issues
  • Supporting business technology tours for knowledge based companies and R&D institutes
  • Supporting joint projects for producing specific native herbal products