IORA RCSTT Medicinal Plants Network

IORA Medicinal Plant Network is an official website established by IORA Regional Center for Science and Technology Transfer (RCSTT). The aim of establishing this network is to extend co-operation among IORA Member States and other developing countries on global information of medicinal plants and herbal medicines entitled “IORAMPNet” (Indian Ocean Rim Association Medicinal Plants Network). The proposal for establishment of a Regional Network on Traditional Medicines was adopted through Tehran Declaration at the "Regional Expert Meeting on Herbal Medicine, Extraction, Standardization, Formulation, Packaging and Commercialization of the production during 19-21 June, 2010" in Tehran and the same was endorsed at the 11th meeting of the IORA Council of Ministers dated November 9-15,2011, Bengaluru, Republic of India which was referred as the Document No.IOR/17AG/REP/11/07 by IORA secretariat to achieve the following aims defined for IORMPNet at Tehran Declaration 2010:

Establishing inter and cross connections among the similar websites of member countries;
Following a similar modality employed by international networks and mechanisms
Facilitating the technology transfer among member states;
Enhancing co-operation and joint activities among ministries/departments and institutions in IORA region via:
Technology exhibitions;
Training programmes;
Technology transfer activities;
Developing a regional vision for technology development and commercialization
Establishing of a web-based inter and cross connection facility