International Seminar/Workshop cum Exhibition on ‘Sustainable Utilization of Natural Products for Human Health and Well Being’ - 20-22 January, 2014 - Tehran, Iran

In order to address some of the pertinent issues and the latest status of development in natural products, herbs and traditional medicines, IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer (RCSTT) held The International Seminar/Workshop cum Exhibition on Sustainable Utilization of Natural Products for Human Health and Well Being on 20-22 January, 2014 in Tehran, Iran in cooperation with the Iranian Reaserch Organization for Science and Technology (IROST).

The programme included different topics such as ethno botany, natural product chemistry, biotechnology of medicinal plants, pharmacology, clinical trials, safety, efficacy and standardization, which contribute to a better involvement of natural products in human health and wellbeing.

During the seminar/workshop IORAMPNet was introduced and two participants from Pakistan (International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences “ICCBS”) and one participant from Malaysia (University Kebangsaan Malaysia “UKM”) could attend the meeting and had presentation on the above mentioned topics.

As the result of negotiation between IORA RCSTT and Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jantan, he accepted to follow up our proposal for his institute/university to be the focal point of Malaysia to cooperate with IORA RCSTT on Medicinal Plants. Further, the next version of the above workshop was suggested to be held by Malaysia in 2016.